So I Run.

You told me you love me

You told me you miss me

But you tell me I make you sad

And you tell me you don’t know how to go on


I don’t know what to do

I thought it could be right

But then you destroyed my happiness

And replaced my cheerfulness with fear


I’m scared I might lose you

I don’t want you to go

The tears in my eyes

Beg you to stay


But you don’t see that the tears

Only say ‘I love you and I’m scared’

You think I’m all messed up

But for the wrong reasons


All I want is that you are happy

But when I’m not there you say that you can’t

Would it be possible that you were happier

If you left me to be free again?


Don’t leave me, I beg you

Don’t leave me, I’m scared


I just want your best

Am I standing in your way?

I don’t wanna hurt you

But I don’t want you to go


Is it really too much to ask?

Why can’t you be happy although there is distance

That separates us for so long?


Our hearts are beating together

I wish I could say forever

12.1.08 23:23

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